Angela Pencheva

Angela Pencheva is an actress and a writer, she is also the ambassador of eye-gaze assistive technologies in ASSIST – Assistive Technologies. She is the first Bulgarian adult person using the full potential of an eye-control system in everyday life and professionally. She is the author of the autobiographical book “My Life: To have a left thumb” and is an actress in the Alternative theater troupe some of whose participants are people with disabilities under the direction of Christiana Boyadjieva. She is the first actor to use an eye-gaze system in her performance. As an actress, she participated in a performance staging of her book with the well-known Bulgarian actress Yana Marinova under the direction of Christiana Boyadjieva and Vaskresia Viharova, which won the first award at the International theater festival for people with disabilities in Skopie, Macedonia.