Mónika Tóth

I worked with multiply impaired visually impaired and deafblind children for 23 years at the School for the Blind as a special teacher and a supervisor. In 2000-2001 I had the chance to participate in a leardeship program at Perkins School for the Blind, where I got to know more about AAC. I had many oppotunities to observe how to apply it into wide range of school activities. Returning home I tried to implement all the newly gained knowledge in my professional work. In 2017 I started to work in an EU project in charge of the AAC-Modell Program. One of the aims was to establish regional AAC-centers all over Hungary, which provide complex services for persons with complex communication needs. At present we are very close to the finishline. We summerize all the 4-year conlusions and beside of it we think ahead of the future opportunities.