Tomasz Grabowski

My name is Tomasz Grabowski, I have four-limb cerebral palsy plus spastic, plus athetosis for free, I mean a babysitter almost all the time. I can’t dress, eat or wash myself etc.

I am active both socially and professionally, I graduated in cultural studies at the Higher Vocational School in Głogów, I work remotely at the Skorpion Polkowice Association as an IT specialist. I also often support the Eudajmonia Foundation in various technical matters.. I deal with website administration, content updating, description of photos, graphics, posters for blind people readers. I also audit websites for accessibility for people with disabilities – implementing the international WCAG 2.1 standard.

I am a board member of the Speak Without Words Association – ISAAC Poland, a user and promoter of alternative and supportive communication. And also one of the Polish leaders in this field among AAC users, who is not only a passive recipient, but also shares his life experience, conducting workshops, trainings, appearing at conferences: “Hear our voice!” (2012), “Conversations without of speech “(2017),” ATAAC 2017 – International Conference on Assistive Tech and AAC “(2017)

Modern assistive technologies in the field of AAC are my passion, they have amazing potential. Sometimes I am surprised that it is enough to skillfully combine several elements of this field to make my words become a clear, verbal message, thus I as a person become an equal discussion partner for the rest of society.

My favorite statement is: There are really many options, ways of communicating with a person who for some reason has a problem with verbal communication. If only such a person has a properly selected communication tool adapted to their individual needs and capabilities, and we have sufficient determination to try.